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Through My Lense Consulting Services, LLC

"Your Vision, My Pleasure"
Having Trouble Finding Your Niche as a Social Worker?
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Dr. O'Neale-White

As a clinician, social worker educator, and consultant myself...
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... II understand the importance of putting your best foot forward. Through My Lense Consulting Services LLC mission is to motivate, educate and influence the next generation of social work change agents. I do this by providing one-of-a-kind learning experiences to optimize your opportunities within social work. Whether it’s a resume workshop, CE training, consultation service, or speaking engagements, I aim to assist you in developing as a professional, building your competence and confidence for job readiness.

So social worker, what are you waiting for? Let's turn that vision into a reality! 

I am so glad you have made it to this point! Trust me, we have all been there. As a seasoned social worker it took me a bit of time to discover my niche. I remember starting social work thinking “I want to serve children and families..”. God saw fit to point me in another direction. My passion for education and coaching allowed me to design the social work career of my dreams. 

Clients are landing jobs at some of the top companies, including
"Thank you soooo very much for your assistance with this. It was thorough, detailed and quick! You truly have a gift of writing resumes, not only social workers but for anyone looking to enhance their skills. It was so unexpected that you would get it back to me a day early! I even enjoyed speaking with you during our consultation! Your passion truly shines! " 

Denise T.

"I cannot thank you enough for my new professional resume! I have three interviews lined up! None of this would have been possible using my old resume!! Thank you again for your wonderful work."

Katie E.

"Through My Lense Consulting Services provided me with the most executive cover letter and resume I have ever seen. I didn't realize I possessed such skills and competencies that would make me stand out against other applicants. Her expertise, knowledge, and professionalism is beyond what I could have ever imagined. I will continue to refer my friends, family and colleagues to TMLCS. Ya'll, my cover letter and resume is FIRE!"

Keri W.

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