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Functionality You Will Love


Hi, I'm Dr. O...

In selecting me as your speaker, you are securing a partner dedicated to crafting an unforgettable experience for your audience. Each speaking opportunity is meticulously customized to not only engage participants on a deep emotional level but also to ignite inspiration for groundbreaking transformation in both perception and practice.


The Call to Action!

The goal? To create transformative learning experiences for your audience that result in a shared call to action! By blending this approach with practical action steps, attendees depart the event not just motivated for change, but armed with the tools to begin making it happen.


About my presentation style...

My presentation style is a reflection of my authentic self - filled with humor, enthusiasm, story-telling, and contagious energy that I bring to every webinar, conference, keynote presentation, workshop, panel discussion, and seminar I undertake. Regardless of the topic, I aim to motivate, educate, and influence every individual present.


Let's discuss your training needs!

I pride myself on reinforcing the possibilities of tomorrow.  Let's collaborate to create a memorable experience that resonates long after the applause fades.

Common Topics Covered...

  • Perinatal Mental Health for Providers & Public 

  • Occupational Stress Management

  • Infertility & Child Loss

  • Mental Health

  • Reproductive Healthcare Challenge

  • Cultural Humility, Empathy & Engagement for Providers

  • Moral Injury

  • Careerism in Social Work

  • Imposter Syndrome

  • Boundaries

  • Financial Literacy & Healing

  • Post-Graduate Job Readiness

  • Federal Application & Search

  • Professional Networking 

  • Professional Document Creation

Speaking Engagements

Past Partners include but are not limited to...
"I am delighted to offer my wholehearted recommendation for Olymphia as your next conference speaker. Her expertise, which spans a broad array of vital topics including reproductive health, social work professional development, job readiness, financial literacy, and healing, made her the perfect fit for our Social Work Wealth Conference and co-presenter on the panel, “Manifesting Your Dreams for Career and Wealth Success.” Her professionalism, coupled with a relatable and down-to-earth demeanor, made her session not only informative but also deeply engaging. " 

Eva Forde
Founder, Social Work Wealth Conference

"Dr. O gave unlimited information by answering all questions and
explaining everything in detail. Her energy and passion is so
infectious. This experience was worth every penny and some!!! I
dare to say her presentation made the whole conference!!!"

Stephanie E.

"I was impressed by the depth of the content she provided on

Reproductive healthcare and the breadth of knowledge she had to

share when addressing questions. She is a very engaging speaker

and can deliver complex information in concise, clear, and

applicable ways"

Brandon, C.

"This workshop was amazing. I learned many key points that I never considered before. I'm excited for my perinatal social work journey. The visual aids, resources, live Q&A, etc were great! Thanks so much."


Tiffany, F.

"Dr. O’Neale-White is nothing short of amazing as she offered great guidance and insight during our brainstorming sessions. She is attentive, respectful, and knowledgeable about her craft. With her unforgettable sense of humor and loving personality, she will work alongside you to ensure your vision, dream, and goal come to life. It is exciting yet mind-changing! She empowers you to think outside the box and consider different avenues and perspectives while discussing a path of how to attain your vision. Dr. O’Neale-White is undeniably the best consultant and innovative thinker I’ve worked with. She is truly a valuable asset to the field of social work as a clinician, consultant, and thought leader to empower and open doors to opportunities on how skills can be transitioned into the field."

Ashlin Price

Seminar Participant

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